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The Csángó Anthem


 Csángó Hungarian, Csángó Hungarian,

 What have you become?

 Shabby bird you are,

 Thrown away and forgotten.


 My God, what will happen to us?

 We and our children perish.

 What our fathers keep,

 They destroy our beautiful language.


 You settled down in a plain,

 And named it a country.

 But you have no country, no home

 Only God is thinking of you.


We hear Hungary is still standing.

 Oh, God please bless it!

 That they should have mercy on us,

 And not to let us perish.


Foreign language oppresses us,

 Italian priests hang around us.

 You can`t sing nor confess,

 Praying on your mother tongue.


For we are Hungarians, too.

 Coming here from Asia,

Please God help our destiny,

Don`t let Csángó Hungarian perish.

In 1989-1990 when it was possible for the Csángó consciousness to be protected in an organised form, occured the claim for an anthem. In that time they found the poem written down by János Petrás Incze and they combined the verses with the tunes of a Csángó sorrowful song, ( Across the waters...), and that was how the Csángó anthem came into being.


                                                             Péter Halász, ethnographer